The Main House

The South facing facade of the manor. It is a two storeyed loghouse clad in horizontal wood panel. The grond floor has four windows with opened shutters, two on either side of the front door. The first floor has five windows without shutters. The facade is falu red. The front door, the window frames and shutters are white. The roof is a gambrel made of red brick roof tiles, crowned by two white chimneys. Along the facade is a flowerbed.

The main house at Hammarby was commissioned by Linnaeus and completed in 1762. Here portraits of Linnaeus’ family, friends and pets and, above all, of Linnaeus himself can now be seen. There are also numerous objects that belonged to the Linnaeus family, ranging from a lemon squeezer to tablecloths and clothes. Linnaeus’ study and bedroom are decorated with hundreds of beautiful prints of flowers which he had pasted to the walls instead of wallpaper.

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The West Wing

Last modified: 2021-01-22