Linnaeus’ Hammarby – a perfect summer excursion

Linnaeus’ Hammarby lies embedded in an extensive agricultural landscape. The museum area, with buildings, exhibitions, café and shop are open May to September inclusive. In the surrounding Cultural Heritage Reserve, the County Council has recreated an 18th century agricultural landscape with forest, fields, grazing paddocks, a cabbage field and a hop garden. The reserve is open all year.

The Linnaeus' Hammarby: opening times

Museum and exhibitions

  • May: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm
  • June–August: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm
  • September: Friday–Sunday 11am–5pm

Linnaeus' House

The dwelling house is only open for guided tours. There will be four tours a day. Groups of more than 10 people have to book a private guide.

On Google Maps you can take a virtual tour of the house.

Grounds and Cultural Heritage Reserve

The gates to the garden and grounds close at 8 pm.

The Cultural Heritage Reserve of Linnaeus’ Hammarby is open all year.

Guided tours

In English every opened day at 12.30

Guided tours in Swedish at 11.30, 14.30 and 15.30. Written information is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.

The daily guided tours are included in the entrance fee and can not be booked in advance.

Book a private guided tour

Café Sara Lisa at Linnaeus' Hammarby: opening times

  • May: Friday 11am–3pm (no lunch dishes), Saturday–Sunday 11am–5pm
  • June–August: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm
  • September: Friday 11am–3pm (no lunch dishes), Saturday–Sunday 11am–5pm

Entry charge for Linnaeus’ Hammarby

During ordinary opening times:

  • Adults 100 SEK 
  • Senior citizens 65+ 80 SEK
  • Students 80 SEK (Students at Uppsala University free of charge)
  • Children (ages 0-17) free of charge

A guided tour of the museum is included in the entry charge. Groups of more than 10 people must book their own guide. Entry charges may differ for certain exhibitions and events.

A valid full prize entry ticket for The Linnaeus Garden gives free entry to Linnaeus' Hammarby.

From 5 pm (garden and park only): free entrance.

The Cultural Heritage Reserve of Linnaeus’ Hammarby: free entrance

The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala: annual card

The annual card of the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala gives free entry to the Tropical Glasshouse, Linnaeus Garden and Linnaeus’ Hammarby. The annual card is valid for one calendar year and can be purchased from one of our museum shops  or from the offices of the gardens (weekday daytime).

An annual card costs 200 kr.

Getting to Linnaeus’ Hammarby

By car

Leave the E4 Uppsala bypass at junction 187 and take road 282 towards Edsbro. After about 200m turn right towards Danmark and ”Linnés Hammarby” (signed). Linnaeus’ Hammarby has got the GPS-coordinates WGS84 59° 49′ 3″ N, 17° 46′ 35″ E  /  UTM 59.8175°, 17.776389°.

By bus

Bus 102 from Uppsala to Knivsta stops at the turn-off for Linnaeus’ Hammarby, about 2 km from the property. The travel time from Uppsala central station is about 20 minutes, the return journey about 25 minutes. The bus departs every 30 minutes on weekdays and once an hour on weekends.

Bus 186 also stops at the turn-off for Linnaeus’ Hammarby, on weekdays (travel time 15 minutes).

Collaboration with Uppsala-Lenna Heritage Railway and The Swedish Tramway Society 2020

Due to the COVID-19-pandemic Uppsala-Lenna Heritage Railway will nor operate a veteran bus service to Linnaeus’ Hammarby during 2020.

By bike

You can go by bike to Linnaeus' Hammarby. The distance is between 12 kilometers and 15 kilometers depening of your choice of route. The last 5–6 kilometers are on narrow roads with car traffic.

Route passing Kungsängen and Linnaeus' Sävja

This route takes you southward along the river Fyrisån through the nature reserve Årike Fyris. In May, you can see the famous river meadows  at Kungsängen covered with flowering snake's head (Fritillaria meleagris). Further south, after leaving the river behind you, you reach Sävja. Carl Linnaeus used to own the heritage farm which now houses a museum, herbary, and café and holds cultural events. The remaining part of the route follows car roads. You pass the medieval Danmark church, which the Linnaeus’ family used to frequent. A narrow road, winding through the agricultural landscape, takes you the last three kilometers to the Hammarby estate.

Map of recommended bike route from Stora torget in Uppsala to Linnaeus' Hammarby, passing Kungsängen and Linnés Sävja.

Shorter route through Fålhagen and Slavsta

This route takes you through a green corridor to the eastern parts of Uppsala, passing Fålhagen and parts of Årsta. With some luck you will see the Lennakatten steam train working its way out of town. From Slavsta you will follow a car road to Danmark where you pass the church the Linnaeus family used to frequent. Be careful when you cross road 288 which has heavy traffic. A narrow road, winding through the agricultural landscape, takes you the last three kilometers to the Hammarby estate.

Map of recommended bike route from Stora torget in Uppsala to Linnaeus' Hammarby, passing Fålhagen and Slavsta.

Wheelchair access at Linnaeus’ Hammarby

There is a toilet suitable for wheelchair users in the entrance pavillion.

The historical buildings – the dwelling house and outbuildings – are not accessible by wheelchair. It is possible to make a virtual tour of the dwelling house by Google Maps, but the link does not work in all web browsers.

An induction loop is available to borrow in connection with guided tours. It should be booked in advance (e-mail to our bookning office).

Large parts of the grounds are accessible by wheelchair.

Photography in the Linnaean Gardens

Photography and filming for private use

As a private person you are welcome to take photographs outside in our gardens and glasshouse. Please show respect for other visitors and do not damage the plants or plantings. You are not permitted to put up screens or to stand or walk on the beds.

Photography and filming for commercial use

Wedding photography, portrait photography, fashion photography etc., where an individual photographer or company earns an income from the photographs, is only permitted with written agreement from the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.

If you intend to carry out commercial photography, please contact our booking service by e-mail at least one week before the visit.

Photography in Linnaeus’ homes

Photography in the house at Linnaeus’ Hammarby is not allowed without a permit from Uppsala University Art Collections.

In the Professor’s Residence in the Linnaeus Museum (in The Linnaeus Garden) photography without a tripod and without the use of flash is permitted. For all commercial photography, a permit from the Swedish Linnaeus Society is required.

For everybody's enjoyment

Please help us to keep our gardens clean and tidy.

  • Don’t walk in the flower beds or damage the plants.
  • Don’t pick flowers, leaves, seeds or twigs.
  • You are welcome to pick windfall fruit from the ground, but don’t pick fruit that is still on the tree.
  • Don’t move or damage the labels.
  • Keep dogs on a lead at all times.
  • Only guide dogs are allowed into glasshouses and other buildings.
  • Motor vehicles are not permitted in our gardens.
  • Bicycles are only allowed on the main paths. Please be considerate of pedestrians!
  • Please don’t touch objects, furniture or wallpaper in the historic buildings.