Milestones in the history of the garden

Hortus Upsaliensis

Some key dates

1655 The first botanic garden was founded by Olof Rudbeck the elder.
1702 Uppsala burned and the garden was laid in ruins.
1728 Linnaeus began his studies in Uppsala.
1741 Linneaus was made a Professor at Uppsala University and Director of the Botanic Garden.
1743 The Orangery was completed.
1778 Linnaeus died on the 10th of January.
1783 Carl von Linné (Linnaeus) the younger dies and is succeeded by Carl Peter Thunberg.
1787 King Gustav III donated the garden of Uppsala Castle to the University as a new Botanic Gardent.
1802 The Linnaeus Garden was closed.
1817 The Orangery was converted to house a student nation, ’Östgöta Nation’.
1885 The Orangery became the University’s Museum of Nordic Antiquities.
1917 The Swedish Linnaeus Society was founded.
1923 Opening of the restored Linnaeus Garden.
1937 Opening of the Linnaeus Museum.
1955 Restoration of the orangery.
1978 Uppsala University assumes responsibility for the Linnaeus Garden.