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The Botanical Garden with the Tropical Greenhouse and the orangery Linneanum is just west of Uppsala Castle and is open all year round.

The Linnaeus Garden with the Linnaeus Museum is open May-September. The museum is open to pre-booked groups in winter. The garden is in central Uppsala, just north of the pedestrian street.

At Linnaeus Hammarby, about 10 kilometers from Uppsala, the culture reserve is open all year round. The park, buildings, café and shop are open May-September.

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The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala: entrance charges

The Botanical Garden has free entry to the outdoor areas. There is an entry fee to Linnaeus’ Hammarby, the Linnaeus Garden with Linnaeus Museum, and to the Tropical Greenhouse. Children under 18 years and employees and students of Uppsala University have free entry. 

Different admission prices can be charged for special exhibitions and events.

If you are a frequent visitor to the gardens, you may like to purchase an annual card or become a member of one of the friends' organisations.


Our gardens and museums are open to everyone. We are working towards making our gardens, glasshouses and other buildings accessible for all.

  • Many of our exhibitions are located in buildings not suitable for wheelchairs. Some parts of those exhibitions can be visited digitaly.
  • Toilets suitable for wheelchair users are available in all our gardens
  • An induction loop is available to borrow in connection with guided tours. It should be booked in advance (e-mail to our bookning office).
  • You are allowed to bring your leader dog into the buildings. No other animals are allowed indoors. 
  • Disabled access parking (for badge holders) is available at Linnaeus hamamrby and in the Botanical Garden (Villavägen 8).
  • ​If you need additional assistance please contact our staff in the museum shop or in the Botanical Garden the staff in the glashouse. 

Uppsala University Botanical Garden: accessibility

Toilets suitable for wheelchair users are available beside the Tropical Glasshouse (throughout the year) and by the pond shed close to the Linneanum Orangery (May-October).

The Tropical Glasshouse is accessible for wheelchair users. An induction loop is available to borrow in connection with guided tours during the winter months. During the rest of the year it must be booked in advance.

The Linneanum Orangery has a steep ramp on the south side. The threshold of the door can be removed if required – please contact the Garden staff for help.

Two disabled parking spaces are accessed from Villavägen 8. Parking spaces are also available at Villavägen 6.

The gates in the East part of The Baroque Garden are closed wintertime. The close when the first snow falls and open again May 1.


There is a toilet suitable for wheelchair users in the Orangery.

The Garden and Orangery are accessible for wheelchair users.

The Professor’s Residence (now the Linnaeus Museum) is not accessible for wheelchair users. However, a virtual tour of the Museum and Garden is possible using Google maps. The link does not work in all web browsers.

An induction loop is available to borrow in connection with guided tours. There is also an audio guide to the Linnaeus Museum available to borrow.

There is no parking at the Garden but it is possible to drop off car passengers at the entrance (Svartbäcksgatan 27).

Wheelchair access at Linnaeus’ Hammarby

There is a toilet suitable for wheelchair users in the entrance pavillion.

The historical buildings – the dwelling house and outbuildings – are not accessible by wheelchair. It is possible to make a virtual tour of the dwelling house by Google Maps, but the link does not work in all web browsers.

An induction loop is available to borrow in connection with guided tours. It should be booked in advance (e-mail to our bookning office).

Large parts of the grounds are accessible by wheelchair.

Photography in the Linnaean Gardens

Photography and filming for private use

As a private person you are welcome to take photographs outside in our gardens and glasshouse. Please show respect for other visitors and do not damage the plants or plantings. You are not permitted to put up screens or to stand or walk on the beds.

Photography and filming for commercial use

Wedding photography, portrait photography, fashion photography etc., where an individual photographer or company earns an income from the photographs, is only permitted with written agreement from the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.

If you intend to carry out commercial photography, please contact our booking service by e-mail at least one week before the visit.

Photography in Linnaeus’ homes

Photography in the house at Linnaeus’ Hammarby is not allowed without a permit from Uppsala University Art Collections.

In the Professor’s Residence in the Linnaeus Museum (in The Linnaeus Garden) photography without a tripod and without the use of flash is permitted. For all commercial photography, a permit from the Swedish Linnaeus Society is required.

For everybody's enjoyment

Please help us to keep our gardens clean and tidy.

  • Don’t walk in the flower beds or damage the plants.
  • Don’t pick flowers, leaves, seeds or twigs.
  • You are welcome to pick windfall fruit from the ground, but don’t pick fruit that is still on the tree.
  • Don’t move or damage the labels.
  • Keep dogs on a lead at all times.
  • Only guide dogs are allowed into glasshouses and other buildings.
  • Motor vehicles are not permitted in our gardens.
  • Bicycles are only allowed on the main paths. Please be considerate of pedestrians!
  • Please don’t touch objects, furniture or wallpaper in the historic buildings.