Opening hours during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala are a part of Uppsala University and follows their social distancing guidelines. We also follow the national restrictions applied to museums and galleries.  We do as much as we can to offer you a safe visit. At the same time we do our best to contribute to a slower spreading of infection to facilitate for our healthcare services to help those most in need – people from risk groups, the elderly, and people with underlying health problems. Our ambition is to operate as usual as soon as the national and regional restictions allow that.

On this page, you will find information about opening hours, limitations of numbers of visitors, and cancelled events, as well as information about what we do to reduce the risk of spreading of infection.The information may be changed with short notice.

Opening hours (updated September 16)

Until September 29 the COVID-19 restrictions according to the Public Health Agency recommendations for level 2 of spread of infection applies to all public events. Our opening hours until the beginning of October:

The Botanical Garden:

  • The gates are open 7am–9pm. From 1 October 7am–7pm
  • The Tropical Greenhouse is open Tuesday–Friday 11am–3pm, and Saturday and Sunday 12am–3pm. From 5 October Tuesday–Friday 9am–3pm, and Saturday and Sunday 12am–3pm
  • The Orangery in Linneanum is open Tuesday–Friday 11am–3pm. From 1 October Tuesday–Friday 9am–3pm 
  • Café Victoria is open Monday–Sunday 11am–5pm. Closed from 1 October

The Linnaeus Garden with the Linnaeus Museum:

  • Garden exhibitions, museum shop, and facilities is open Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm.  Closed from 1 October
  • The Linnaeus Museum is open Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm. Limitations in number of visitors in the building will apply.  Closed from 1 October. Will be open to pre-booked groups, though
  • Café Carl von Linné outdoor seating area is closed 2021 and 2022
  • The gates to the garden open until 8pm. Closed from 1 October

Linnaeus' Hammarby:

  • Exhibitions and shop are open Friday–Sunday 11am–5pm. Closed from 27 September
  • The manor house is open, as part of the daily guided tours, Friday–Sunday 11am–5pm. Limitations in number of visitors in the building will apply. Closed from 27 September
  • Café Sara Lisa open Saturday–Sunday 11am–5pm. Closed from 27 September. During the pandemic, the café's entrance and exit are on the back of the building (follow the signs)
  • The gates are open 7am–8pm throughout the year
  • The Cultural Reserve is open throughout the year

Limitations in number of visitors

Since March 2020 we have limited the number of visitors and cancelled all tours indoors. Many events are cancelled. We do give guided tours outdoors for a limited number of participants. From 5 October there will not be any limitation in number of visitors in our buildnings, except for safety reasons.

You are not able to book a ticket to our dayly guided tours, while booking is mandatory to our special tours. To these you need to by at ticket in advance (

Please note that we still may need to close buildings with short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Limits for numbers of visitors in our buildings (when they are allowed to open again):

  • The Linnaeus Garden: Limited access to all buildings. We can not guarantee that all buildings are open to visitors. Closed from October
  • The Linnaeus Museum: limited number of visitors at a time in the building (15 visitors in the house and maximum 8 visitors at the second floor). No guided tours indoors. Avoid bringing large bags and luggage when you visit. We may need to close the museum with short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. From 5 October maximum 30 visitors at a time and open to pre-booked groups only
  • Linnaeus' Hammarby: Limited access to the buildings. We cannot guarantee that all buildings are open to visitors. The main building is open for a restricted number of visitors  (15 visitors at a time). We may need to close the main building with short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Closed from October
  • The Botanical Garden: limited number of visitors at a time in the Tropical Greenhouse  (30 visitors at a time) and in the Orangery. No guided tours indoors. Avoid bringing large bags and luggage when you visit. We may need to close the buildings with short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. From 5 October 150 vistiors at a time

Consequences for guided tours:

  • At the moment it is not possible to book guided tours for groups, school grous excluded, in The Tropical Greenhouse. We will open bookings for groups of a limited number of participants (20 ppl/tour) in October
  • At the moment is is not possible to book visits for groups in the Linnaeus Museum. We will open bookings for groups of a limited number of participants in October.
  • We offer guided tours outdoors in The Botanical Garden, The Linnaeus Garden and at Linnaeus' Hammarby, to a limited number of participants (max. 15). You can not book tickets in advance to the daily tours. To book a private tour contact our booking office, at least one week in advance. From October we will open for guided tours for av maximum of 25 participants
  • But your ticket to special tours in advance. In Swedish


Information about planned tours and cancelled events in our schedule.

Booked groups during the covid-19 pandemic

Please note that we may have to reduce the numbers of participants on guided tours and that access to our buildings may be limited due to restrictions in 2021. Contact us for more information.

Current status September 2021

At the moment we are closed for all booked groups except schools, due to the current restrictions. We will welcome any booked groups to The Tropical Greenhouse and to The Linnaeus Museum from the beginning of October.

Our guidelines for reduction of spreading of infection

  • Stay at home if you have any symptoms of respiratory infection of other illness.
  • Keep a distance of at least two metres from other visitors. Do not enter the building if it is crowded. Try later instead.
  • Avoid touching surfaces
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.
  • Follow our staff’s intructions.

Those of you that have visited us before know that our buildings are small and narrow. We will have to be inventive and adaptable to avoid crowding on sunny days and we need your help to stay open. Please be understanding and patient if you have to wait for service or change your plans for the day. If we all pull together, we can keep our distance, stay safe, and stay open. Thank you!

Last modified: 2021-09-16